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" Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do when it aught to be done, whether you like it or not." ~ Thomas Huxley


  • Distance and e-Learning is now a major avenue of study, as the power of the Internet gives access to international sources of learning, no matter where you live. In order to enhance your learning experience, the Delamere Institute of Online Learning is committed to bring you the state-of-the-art workshops, tutorials, and degrees, designed to provide the skills and expertise that are in high demand in this rapidly evolving information age. As a preliminary step, we recommend that you go to our "orientation page" and take the "Self Assessment Test" called "Are You Ready to Take an Online Course?" click here. Also as a reassurance of the success of our courses check the "Student Evaluations."

  • For a complete list of all categories and courses go to our Catalog, click here.
  • Online Interactive Learning and Training

    • Our courses promote interactive learning, with Professional Facilitators that work with you every step of the way via email, and with many of the programs you will be able to interact with other students through chat rooms and forums.

    • You can choose from a variety of over 750 innovative courses and programs from a diverse range of applications, professional development, technical certification preparation, career education and personal practical skills, or you can study for your degree online from one of our recommended Universities or Colleges.

    • Delamere Institute of Online Learning also has a selection of courses, which are Free Online Education to individuals that need some assistance and guidance to advance their career opportunities. Click here and select the category, "Business, Marketing & Non-Profit".

    • This international education portal now incorporates the updated courses and syllabi previously used by the Cape Town Academy (City Campus and Bellville (Cape Town Northern Suburbs Campus) and are now suitable for international students to study online.


  • Online Certificates & Certification

    • The following Certificate Courses are currently offered online by the Delamere Institute of Online Learning. If you do not see a particular program offered, please contact us and we will make sure that you are provided with the necessary registration information. Awarding bodies for these certificates generally include .edu and .org institutions and associations. Others may be granted by corporate entities.


    • EDU2U is a specialized online course catalog - This is a course catalog promoted by Delamere Institute of Online Learning, that exclusively lists certificates and courses developed by accredited colleges and universities. You might think of it as an EDU2U Community all engaged in sharing courses across geographical boundaries. If you are seeking career training, professional development or workforce education opportunities and want to enroll in a course from an accredited institution this is a great site to visit and is ideal for international students. We are always adding new programs all the time so be sure to bookmark it. Visit this site.


    • Green Education Courses - These are now becoming a very popular and attractive education source, and are highly recommended. Read more.

    • Improve Your English Language - This powerful software includes online English proofreading, reads any document / email / website text in a human voice, grammar & spelling learning center, plus much more. Using this program will assist you to learn and fully master the English language. Try our free download.

    • A small selection of our most popular courses are listed below, please check the Catalog for All Categories or All Courses

      • Customer Relationship : Certificate in Customer Relationship Management

      • Small Business : Small Business Internet Marketing Certificate

      • Travel & Tourism : Travel Career Training Certificate

      • Global Marketing : Certificate in Global Marketing & Sales Practice Competencies

      • Medical Assistant : Certificate in Comprehensive Medical Transcription Training

      • Paralegal : Complete training courses with college accreditation

      • Training for IT professionals: MCSE, CCNA, A+(CompTIA) Certificates

      • A+ 2012:Complete online course including full bundle to become a PC Technician

      • Graphic Digital Production: Training in Dreamweaver, HTML, flash & animation

      • Study & Qualify in Aromatherapy: Certificate of Completion

      • Pharmacy Continuing Education: Certificate in Pharmacy Technician

      • Human Resource Management in the 21st Century: Complete training course

      • Better Public Speaking- A Low Stress Approach: Complete 8-week courses

      • Language Courses: These are available online with qualified tutors and certified qualifications

      • Technical Writing: Technical Communication Industry Certificate Course

      • Qualify as a House/Property Inspector - This is a professional development industry based certificate program. Prepares you to pass the State exam.

      • Certificate Program in Financial Accounting - read more.

        Plus many more...

    • For a complete list of all categories and courses go to our Catalog click here


  • Our firm has also researched various other distance learning and e-learning programmes and resources - These resources have been recommended or referred to us as they include subjects and courses not yet offered by the Delamere Institute of Online Learning, and we have categorized them for your convenience. We hope that in your search for the best programmes, that will assist you in self-improvement, career advancement or simply to widen your knowledge and skills, that you will find the services we have listed useful to your goals. These distance learning courses cover general areas of education, plus certain specialized areas, for example, languages, art, music, computer training, health & fitness, digital design, travel & tourism, media & marketing, forex trading, online stock trading, plus others will be added in the course of our research. For a full list of current distance learning subjects, courses and e-learning providers. Click here



    For recommended Online Universities & Colleges suitable for international students, click here

  • For online or campus training in the skills as an investor or trader in stock markets, forex, day trading, or commodities. Visit the Delamere Financial Education Center. To attend one of our FREE workshops in your location, click here.


  • Online Training for Staff & Management - Online Training - can it help your business? Everyone agrees that the UK and many other countries are suffering from a severe skills shortage. Not just literacy and numeracy skills, but new, hi-tech skills that many employers need to take for granted. The cost of training new staff and annual refreshers for current employees can be a staggering drain on your management resources, of your time and ultimately of profits. Sharp End Training has developed a suite of online training courses covering essential business skills which are available to all types of business large and small. Our Online courses are interactive and contain up to date information along with quizzes to help learning retention. Management reporting is also available online so you can monitor staff progress. Click here.


  • For students who are resident in African countries, check out our bursary and sponsorship fund. (Supported by the MTC Foundation) click here



  • Mobile Online learning - How can people learn from material and content delivered directly to their mobile devices? There are many organizations interested in this subject, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is one of them. Read more.


  • The Delamere Institute of Online Learning is a supporter and affiliate of the "Commonwealth of Learning" organization, which is dedicated to the support, development and sharing of open and distance learning and education in Commonwealth countries, especially to improve access to quality education and training. (visit their web site)

  • The "Institute" is also a direct supporter of The Global Distance Education Network (GDENet), which is a knowledge guide to distance education designed to help distance education practitioners who are interested in using distance education for human development, especially in the Southern and Eastern African regions. To check the web site of Southern African Global Distance Education Network, click here.

  • A report on distance learning has been prepared by the "Commonwealth of Learning" organization, called "Copyright and Distance Education: A Trainers Toolkit." This "toolkit" provides a variety of resources designed to assist trainers in preparing and offering material related to meaningful content to advance the education of students and learners in their career goals. For a preview of this report click here


  • Delamere Financial Education Center - Our financial training programs, sponsored by the Online Trading Academy, are geared toward individual investors, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same tools and professional trading techniques as the professional traders on Wall Street. The courses and modules offered by our Online Trading Academy, cover both online and distance learning or at one of our training centers, (Los Angeles, New York, Dallas,TX, London, Dubai, UAE, , plus other centers to be opened during the next few months, contact us for opening dates for Johannesburg, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney and Hong Kong) and are designed to introduce you to the basic terminology and concepts you will need to become more successful as an investor or trader in stock, forex or commodities. To excel in this fascinating world of money, you need to continue to study and learn. For more details visit the Delamere Financial Education Center To attend one of our FREE workshops in your location, click here.

  • Green Education & Sustainability Courses & Certificates - Are you interested in learning more about Eco Friendly Living & Going Solar? Maybe you are a professional seeking sustainable development & new technology training. Our Green Ed Catalog offers a wide variety of online programs that we continually add to. Both general, informational courses and technical certificates are included in our online catalog. Many of the programs listed are approved by governing bodies such as the U.S. Green Building Council. The courses listed are geared for anytime, anywhere learning and application. Visit the Delamere Institute of Online Learning.


  • Online Speech Training - SpeechSchool.TV is the world's #1 provider of online speech training. Intensive voice coaching, elocution lessons and speech training has helped give rise to some of the world's great speakers and performers on the public stage: Margaret Thatcher, Samuel L. Jackson, Cate Blanchett and Vanessa Redgrave to name a few, not to mention King George VI (if you have seen The King's Speech movie). It has also helped many 'English as a Second Language' speakers to achieve a natural standard of spoken English, improving their ability to succeed in studies and employment in English speaking countries. SpeechSchool.TV has a vision of changing lives by empowering speech and improving communication around the world. LEARN AN ENGLISH ACCENT: Is your speech holding you back? Get the world's #1 speech course at www.SpeechSchool.TV

SpeechSchool.TV - The world's #1 provider of online speech training



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